THE BLOCKS | Paintings by Sun Lymei
Exhibition dates: 13 October – 5 November, 2017

Sun Lymei is a recent graduate in the field of Digital Arts and Design. During the course of her education she realized that her true calling is drawing and painting, finding that by working with her hands she could be truly expressive. This series of geometric paintings is a deviation from her impressionistic or otherwise realistic drawings. The idea, or rather the images, came to her in a dream which she describes as: “There were these bizarre geometrical characters walking around. I thought it was crazy yet the image was so vivid that it became an inspiration that hit me like a bee sting. I then created those artworks but dare not to show anyone since they are just blocks of colors, geometrical shapes and lines. The subjects were based entirely on what and who matters in my life so I thought that this work is meaningless; at least not to the world.”

Despite that, or perhaps because of it, Lymei felt compelled to show this work as a personal statement of artistic sincerity but also to encourage her fellow artists not to be pressured to conform to social expectations.


SUN Lymei is a graduate from Zaman University with a degree in Digital Arts and Design. She is also a young entrepreneur and runs her own business called FiiT. As an artist she is inspired by artists Pablo Picasso and Keith Haring, but draws on her own life experiences to create the characters and compositions. Her other work includes life drawings and studies of the human figure.