REMEMBER | Prints by Srun Rida

Exhibition dates: 10 November – 1 December 2017

This series of prints by Srun Rida explores memories of pre-war and war in Cambodia as told to him by family members. Objects, clothing and buildings are rendered in textured, black and white prints – each with a unique story and symbolic meaning. When he was young, Rida remembers his mother and uncles talking about what they lived through during the Khmer Rouge. At the time he felt that this was a part of history that no one wanted to remember. But much later, after doing his own research, he considered these stories an important part of history – and that although nobody wanted to relive them or experience them again, it is important that each new generation remembers. It is for this very reason that Rida has created visual images to document these (hi)stories and honor those who have survived.

In addition to this series, Rida presents his portfolio of prints that range in styles and showcase a variety of techniques and subjects. He employs several different printing methods including lithography, etching, woodcut and woodblock printing. Lithography uses stone or aluminum plates, on which the artist draws an image with a waxy material and by applying ink to the image it is transferred to paper as a “mirror” version of the original. While etching, similarly uses ink applied to a copper plate and transferred as a “mirror” version of the original, the image, instead, is “cut” from the plate using acid. Finally, woodcut and woodblock prints are relief prints that are produced from the raised surface of wood that remains after an image is carved from it. After ink is applied across the surface the areas that are carved, or taken away from woodcut and woodblock, remain light in the print while the rest is the color of the ink – much like a stamp.


Srun Rida is a recent graduation from the Royal University of Fine Arts, where he studied with master at the Char Studio printers to develop his artwork. He has participated in several competitions and group exhibitions including “Chruy Changva Area II (a disappearing context),” Bellevue Serviced Apartments (2017), “Woodblock Prints,” Meta House (2016), and “Daily Life,” Artillery Café (2015). “Remember,” Java Creative Cafe (2017) is his first solo exhibition.

Char RUFA is a voluntary run non-profit organization based at the Royal University of Fine Arts of Cambodia. The etching and lithography workshop provides young talented artists with high quality art training and opportunities for professional mentoring, support and international exchange. With support of the international art community and Mexican Art collective Tequio Oaxaca.