Abandoned Pieces 

Abandoned Pieces | A group exhibition by Architecture students
Exhibition dates: 8 December – 31 December 2017

This exhibition focuses on the works of architecture students that have been left behind and reflects on the learning and creative process. The exhibition features sculptured objects, collage, and sketches that range in subject and style.

The group of architecture students collected works that were left behind that seemingly had neither value nor any interest at that time. For this exhibition, they brought those abandoned pieces of artworks together and by repetition, re-composition and creating relationships between the objects they have given the works new purpose and meaning. Together, they reflect on what the students have learned and how they work, so along the long wall divides into 3 parts: statues, buildings and human, under the main titles “What we have learned ”, all are sketch, watercolor sketches, drawings that hanging with the wood clip. Through “Khmer Houses”, they are show graphic board print of the Khmer housing design with poet written by Mr. Ven Son with pencil sketch to describe Khmer house that we have from ancient times. And then “Thousands of Pieces ”, it created from lots of artwork on the papers left behind, the meaning doesn’t complicated, they just wanted to show that the papers also can make something beautiful, nice and inspire. The medium is just the papers roll it into small pieces and put it on the black board. Finally “Reflection ” shows about Kbach Khmer with clay that made it by hand, some broke but it fixed by glue and it became together again. It’s hanging from the wall and also lay around with the black background behind. It shows about the scar inside the mind, patient, problems, sadness … but all those darkness also can fix and will help us to the find our self, the black background likes the mirror to reflect what we had fact in the past is the lesson to learn and make us more stronger, move forward to the future with the confident.

The exhibition will give the audiences an idea of what architecture students learn, how they repurpose materials, create spaces, propose self-directed solutions and use imagination.


The architecture students are Buth Khemera, Chhang Sreyneath, Den Koemsrim, Doeur Tola, Heng Meng Kong, Horm Chenda, Meoun Visal, Met Monthary and Yin Dina. They are all from National Technical Training Institute.

All artworks are not for sell.